We are offer following topics of Cost And Management Accounting

A. The nature, source and purpose of
management information
1. Accounting for management
2. Sources of data
3. Cost classification
4. Presenting information
B. Data analysis and statistical
1. Sampling methods
2. Forecasting techniques
3. Summarising and analysing data
4. Spreadsheets
C. Cost accounting techniques.
1. Accounting for material, labour and overheads
2. Absorption and marginal costing
3. Cost accounting methods
4. Alternative cost accounting principles
D. Budgeting
1. Nature and purpose of budgeting
2. Budget preparation
3. Flexible budgets
4. Capital budgeting and discounted cash flow
5. Budgetary control and reporting
6. Behavioural aspects of budgeting

    E. Standard costing
    1 Standard costing system
    2. Variance calculations and analysis
    3. Reconciliation of budgeted and actual
    F. Performance measurement
    1. Performance measurement – overview
    2 Performance measurement – application
    3 Cost reductions and value enhancement
    4. Monitoring performance and reporting

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