We are offer following topics of Fundamentals Of Financial Accounting

A. Generally accepted accounting principles and concepts
1. The key accounting principles and characteristics
2. Maintaining financial records
3. The regulatory framework
B. The principles and process of basic bookkeeping
1. The elements of financial statements
2. Books of prime entry and the flow of accounting information in the production of financial statements
C. The preparation of journals and ledger accounts
1. Preparation of journals from the books of prime entry
2. Preparation of ledger accounts
D. Recording transactions and events
1. Sales and purchases
2. Cash and bank
3. Inventory
4. Tangible non-current assets and depreciation
5. Accruals and prepayments
6. Receivables, payables and provisions
7. Capital and finance costs
E. Preparing a trial balance and correcting errors
1. Trial balance
2. Correction of errors
F. Reconciliations
1. Control account reconciliations
2. Bank reconciliation

    G Extending the trial balance
    1. Preparation of the extended trial balance
    2. Preparation of the final accounts, including incomplete records
    H Partnerships
    1. Partnership agreement
    2. Partnership accounting records
    3. Partnership financial statements and change in partnership

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