We are offer following topics of Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management

A. Working capital management
1. Working capital management cycle
2. Inventory control
3. Accounts payables and receivables control
B. Cash budgeting
1. Nature and sources of cash
2. Cash budgeting and forecasting
C. Managing cash balances
1. Treasury function
2. Overview of financial markets
3. Managing deficit cash balances
4. Managing surplus cash balances
D. Financing decisions
1. Money in the economy
2. Medium term financing
3. Long term financing
4. Financing for small and medium sized enterprises
E. Investment decisions
1. Financing concepts
2. Capital budgeting
3. Capital investment appraisal
F. Credit management
1. Legal issues
2. Credit granting Advance Finance Management
3. Monitoring accounts receivables
4. Debt collection

    G Employability and technology
    1. Use computer technology to efficiently access and manipulate relevant information
    2. Work on relevant response options, using available functions and technology as would be required in the workplace
    3. Navigate windows and computer screens to create and amend responses to exam requirements, using the appropriate tools
    4. Present data and information effectively, using the appropriate tools

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