We are offer following topics of Fundamentals Of Business Mathematics

Part-A: Business Mathematics
Chapter 1: Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms
Chapter 2: Equations and Matrices
Unit I: Equations
Unit II: Matrices
Chapter 3: Linear Inequalities
Chapter 4: Time Value of Money
Chapter 5: Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations
Chapter 6: Sequence and Series – Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
Chapter 7: Sets, Functions and Relations
Chapter 8: Basic Concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus
(A) Differential Calculus
(B) Integral Calculus
Part-B: Logical Reasoning
Chapter 9: Number Series, Coding and Decoding and Odd Man Out
Chapter 10: Direction Tests
Chapter 11: Seating Arrangements
Chapter 12: Blood Relations
Chapter 13: Syllogism
Part-C: Statistics
Chapter 14: Statistical Description of Data
Chapter 15: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
    Unit I: Measures of Central Tendency
    Unit II: Dispersion
Chapter 16 : Probability

    Chapter 17: Theoretical Distributions
    Chapter 18: Correlation And Regression
    Chapter 19: Index Number and Time Series
       Unit I: Index Numbers
       Unit II: Time Series

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